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The K3 IAS Exam Test Series is one of the topper’s choices in Madhya Pradesh. It covers

UPSC and MPSC preparation requires a well-structured study plan with practice tests to increase the efficiency level.

Whatever exam you are preparing for, it requires a lot of practice and for that, you have to do a lot of research and analysis for the exam. But wait, we have a shortcut for you. We have come up with standard quality test series and mock tests for UPSC for those candidates who have short of time and want to practice result-oriented on important and standard questions.

Prelims + Mains Test Series

Questions Based on Topic and Current Events

Test series for UPSC optional subjects

UPSC Test Series

Help You Sharpen Your Efficiency and Build Confidence

The UPSC exam is among the most challenging competitive exams in India. Merely preparing with textbook theories is insufficient; it presents a time-related challenge as well, causing many candidates to struggle in completing all questions within the allocated time. Engaging in test series practice simulates a real UPSC exam attempt, significantly enhancing your likelihood of success.

At K3 IAS, known for the Top Ias Coaching in Indore, we are committed to guiding each and every aspirant to stay focused and achieve their results. We provide topic-wise tests to full-length IAS mock exams so that the candidates can prepare well for the examination. Wherever you are in India you can join K3 IAS and take advantage of our UPSC test series.

UPSC 1 3

Video solutions for critical questions

Hindi and English Medium Classes Separately

Online and Offline

MPPSC Test Series

Practice Tests to Get in Top Among the Competition and For More Success Rate
mppsc test series

Become a topper with quality practice through K3 IAS dedicated test series for MPPSC and make yourself stand out from the crowd. We are providing a platform where you can practice and analyze your performance. Our tests include Fundamental Tests, Current Affairs Tests, Sub-Sectional Tests, Topic Revision Tests, Full Mock Tests etc. This will help you to increase your success rate, skill and speed for CSAT.

The students enrolled in the K3 IAS test series, must utilize the time practising MCQs, answer writing, revisions, and covering the remaining UPSC IAS syllabus, keeping in mind this we conduct doubt-clearing sessions to cover up each and every student. Our subject experts create and update questions regularly and create solutions with details. We provide the MPPSC test series in Hindi and English mediums separately with both online and offline mods.

Fees Structures for - Test Series & Study Materials

UPSC Prelims Classroom Test Series

Subject Test + FLT ( Full Length Test )

Full-Length Test: Included
Content : Hard Copy ( Printed )

5,000 / Subject

UPSC Mains Online Test Series

Subject Test + FLT ( Full Length Test )

Full-Length Test: Included
Content: Digital Copy ( PDF )

10,000 / Subject

Frequently Asked Questions

It gives you an idea of the level of questions and smart elimination techniques for prelims so that you can get to know how to score high. You will be able to prioritise the important questions and this will help you with time management and stress management during the exam.
If you have time to practice as much as possible then you should enrol for sectional-wise and full-length mock tests available in K3 IAS otherwise you must solve the previous 4 to 5 years’ question papers.
You need to cover almost every subject in the syllabus to get a good grade. Cracking UPSC is very difficult without practising the test series. A series of mock tests will undoubtedly help in preparing for the current event, therefore you have to take at least 25 to 30 mock tests before appearing for the UPSC exam.
In the test series, on average, you should score at least 120 marks to stand up from the average. But instead of focusing on your score, you should focus on the number of questions you answered correctly.

K3 IAS focused on delivering the most important questions and updating regularly to increase the success rate of the test series users. We are a leading UPSC coaching in Indore where you will find the best institute, study library, study materials and test series that is best in the competition.

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