Top Daily Habits to Crack IAS Exam

top habits to crack IAS exam in first attempt 2

Table of Contents

top habits to crack IAS exam in first attempt 2

Table of Contents

Along with hard work, consistency, strategy, and planning to crack the IAS exam, there is one more crucial factor you should not forget, and that is your habits. Habits can be constructive or destructive; it all depends on the habits you develop. If your habits align with IAS preparation, then it is possible to crack the upcoming UPSC exams easily. 

Whether you are a student or a working professional, your daily habits will be the most important determinant of your long-term success. Otherwise, if you force yourself to adopt practices contrary to your daily habits, you may end up feeling frustrated, which can be disastrous for both your mental health and your life.

Top Habits Can Help to Crack IAS Exam in the First Attempt

top habits to crack IAS exam in first attempt

1. Read Daily Newspapers

Make a habit of reading daily newspapers to stay updated with current events. Daily current affairs, events and issues are the most important part of the UPSC IAS syllabus. The Hindu is one of the recommended newspapers for IAS preparation. You will find most of the topics with a clear explanation covered in this Newspaper.

2. Stick to the Routine

Strictly following your daily routine can be the most powerful habit for any goal. Observe yourself to eliminate distractions. If you are uncomfortable with your schedule, review your routine to use your quality time. Say no to others who distract you from the routine.

3. Practice for Answer Writing

Plan ahead for your overall UPSC preparation. Practicing beforehand for the mains exam and interview gives you the confidence to tackle it with ease. Practice reading and writing for essays and comprehension, and attend IAS mock exams. It can help in understanding the concepts and can also help in fighting for the preliminary exam.

4. Use Online Resources

Utilise the benefits of online resources. You can do online coaching for IAS from a certified platform sitting in your comfort zone. Many IAS coaching institutes like K3 IAS in Indore provide live and recorded lectures, video solutions, and study material in PDF which can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Make a habit of self-analysis, and research online for solutions and answers to save time and improve your concepts.

5. Maintain a Healthy Diet

In this journey of preparation, aspirants must have a healthy brain with a healthy body and diet. A healthy brain can be productive and creative. Make a habit of eating good food and daily exercise which will indirectly help your IAS preparation.

6. Regular Sleep

With hard work and dedication to study, a night of good sleep will complement your preparation. It can improve your power of focus, concentration and overall performance. Proper sleep helps to better store knowledge in your memory. So, sleep at the right times and take power naps during breaks so that you can restart your creative thoughts.

Top Other Habits to Boost Your IAS Preparation and Make Your Life Better

top habits to crack IAS exam in first attempt  k3 ias

Some common but quality habits that have been found in successful people can be complementary to your preparation for IAS. These could be helpful in achieving any goal quickly and effectively. If these quality habits exist or you implement them in your life, your life will be different from today.

1. Meditate

The researchers found that regular meditation can improve your study performance, increase your concentration and focus power. Learning to meditate gives you relaxation, releases stress, and reduces anxiety.

2. Exercise

As we have discussed, a healthy body boosts your mood and increases your productivity in your studies. The habit of daily exercise, even for a short time, can improve your daily tasks and keep you healthy for a long time.

3. Stay Positive

Remove any negative content that discourages you and remind yourself of your reasons for studying. However, the habit of being positive in life is a must for a happy life. Stay away from toxic social media content, and follow only content that helps drive you towards your goal.

4. Learn

Have a habit of waking up every day with the intention of learning something new. The fact is that people who learn always move on. If you see, people who dream of big goals are aggressive learners. 

5. Discuss

Discuss with peers to expand your thought possibilities and get more information. You can discuss with expert IAS mentors and a group of peers who are on the same journey. Sometimes it helps to motivate and give more interest and get solutions in which you are stuck.

6. Listen

To get more knowledge and information required for the preparation for the IAS exam, you need to strengthen your listening power. Sometimes you need to listen to audiobooks, classroom lectures, videos etc. Talking too much is not always recommended, making a habit of listening is a good habit in communication.

Final Thought

“Change Your Habits to Change Your Life” 

Implementation of those good habits can clean your way of the UPSC journey. It is suggested to start with small habits and then gradually implement more good habits. If you implement these habits in your life then it will be easy to complete any course and pass any exam. The crucial task is to replace the bad habit with good ones present in you.

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